I Am Lost

by | May 10, 2019

Michael Jones

I feel so lost.
Hellbent toward Hell
Stumbling, confused
I’m lifeless, I’m pale.

I desperately search
For a reason to live
For substance, for meaning
Will something not give?

Im constantly longing
For what? I don’t know.
The boat is now lurching
Huge waves, I can’t row.

I know that I’m lost.
To where should I go?
To the edge, I look over
Those sharp rocks I know.

Who will now save me,
From a future of woe?
Is there One to deliver?
Salvation bestow?

My Lord show your mercy
I can’t bear more blows
From this Hell upon earth
Not just Hell down below

Father, throw me a lifeline
Strong strength please now show
To deliver my soul
To Your bosom I know

May light fill my mind
May light guide my way
To Your heavenly courts
With no night, only day

You are the reason
Your face all aglow
Your glory unending
I live in Your flow

Of unending Grace
Raising high lowly low
To sit in Your presence
Forever to show

Your unending mercies
Your kindness and love
We rejoice here on earth
With sweet heaven above

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