A tribute to Ron Cox

by | May 10, 2019

Michael Jones

Your body may be cold
But your warm heart still glows in mine

I race to sieze your fading embers
Hoping to etch fiery lines around our memories
Before the outline of them fades from view
Fogged and obscured by so many necessary, unimportant things.

We now contemplate a world without you
Your memory walks ghostlike among our thoughts,
Cold steps now tracing the former paths
The worn ruts brings us comfort.

We smile knowingly as you’re passing by
Minds aflash with your slowly forming smile
Thoughts of your shade moving across the tender ground
When the music plays
We dance the dance with you
And you are with us once again

The Tribal Beat

POETRYMichael JonesYour tribal beat It pounds my heart It moves my feet How great Thou Art! Your rhythm felt We move and sway The drum beat flames It fires clay The metal smelts All dross it melts We burn for you Each beat is felt Evil drums They also lure They bait...

I Am Lost

POETRYMichael JonesI feel so lost. Hellbent toward Hell Stumbling, confused I’m lifeless, I’m pale. I desperately search For a reason to live For substance, for meaning Will something not give? Im constantly longing For what? I don’t know. The boat is now lurching...

The Web

POETRY Michael JonesInspired by the Coldplay song “Trouble” The spider web wrapped around my heart Choking my blood flow, making me numb Would it be better had I never come? Dark and sinister, poison and hair A bitter prisoner, caught in his lair Demonic voices...

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