The Web

by | May 9, 2019

Michael Jones

Inspired by the Coldplay song “Trouble”

The spider web wrapped around my heart
Choking my blood flow, making me numb
Would it be better had I never come?

Dark and sinister, poison and hair
A bitter prisoner, caught in his lair

Demonic voices spinning a web
Taunts and temptations filling my head
If to this prison I have been led
Would it be best to be already dead?

Angels and demons, heaven and hell
Eerily surrounded, a sulfur-like smell
Light turns to darkness, smoke fills my lungs
It would have been better had I never come

This is no nursery rhyme
With downspouts and rain
Flames consume moisture
And create perpetual pain

Who will deliver me
From the grasp of this beast
Can His hands pry me loose
From becoming a feast?

I know you’re the Savior
Of high born and least
Inject me Your spirit
Fill me with peace

The Ascension

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